Can AI replace humans in PR and marketing?

The influence of AI on business is growing rapidly. But should we worry that AI will replace humans completely? Especially in the realms of a marketing agency?

Artificial Intelligence is behind some incredible business innovations. Helping users make automated decisions to improve their efficiency, AI is being used in business to drive innovation and expand the scope of services provided to customers.

AI vs humans in a digital comms agency

When it comes to a PR or comms agency, AI can help with everything from writing a document to brainstorming ideas – but what about the human touch that comes from dealing directly with an agency?

As a bespoke digital marketing agency in the heart of Milton Keynes (a hub of innovation) we are seeing first hand the impact AI has on the industry.

But we always come back to the importance of human relationships; something that cannot be replicated by AI. Whether you require help with a website build, or assistance with your PR and marketing, it’s natural you will opt for the people you enjoy working with, and connect with. They will understand the nuances of your business, your target audience, any cultural considerations, and drive their decisions with empathy.

They do so with thought and insight, which is the foundation of what makes a digital marketing agency so great to work with. AI is extremely intelligent, but it can’t replicate this human connection and interaction.

How can I use AI in digital marketing?

There are, of course, a number of things AI can do for you and your business. For example, you can set up bots to replicate live chat to respond to new site visitors, to placate those people who need answers that second. This has been known to improve website retention rates and nurture users towards a conversion.

AI can also help people conduct market research on potential customers, finding out important statistics such as who they are, what they do, where they consume media and so much more. That information, when building your PR and marketing strategy is vital.

However, humans understand humans. When it comes to physical interaction with a client you can’t beat chatting to someone to understand their needs, reading their emotions, ‘getting’ what they mean, and asking those questions that get them thinking in a different way. Those are the details that even with Artificial Intelligence, some people struggle to extract from their vast expertise.

Some of our best relationships are the ones we’ve built up from having a chat, connecting with people on an emotional level. AI won’t remember your kids’ birthday or your favourite coffee order! Empathy can really help people going through a tough time, humour when they’re ‘winning’ and sympathy when something hasn’t gone quite right.

A business is founded on people. People buy from your business, and it’s the people who make it what it is.

Humans can create ground-breaking campaigns based on their knowledge of you, your audiences, and your business’ history. And yes, computers and technology will always have a place in modern business, the thoughtful, hard-working, going-that-extra-mile attitude you can gain from a good agency is extremely hard to replicate.

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