MyMiltonKeynes Website

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MyMiltonKeynes has been successfully running the BID area in the city since 2018, dealing with everything from maintenance and communications to governance and management. They were voted in for a second five-year term of running the BID area, which runs from 12th Street all the way down to the City train station.

Interdirect worked with MyMiltonKeynes to better showcase just how much they do for the city, expanding the information on tangible projects from four pages to more than 30. This allowed for more rich content to be used on each page, better explaining the fantastic work that is carried out by the team every day.

Part of this, and a big win for both companies, saw a link between the jobs section of the site and the MyMiltonKeynes App. New jobs posted on the site were instantly posted on the app.

The Interdirect team worked extensively with MyMiltonKeynes over six months to bring their vision to life and to make the site as ‘editable as possible,’ meaning that going forward the team at MyMK will be able to make any necessary changes easily and quickly, maintaining the website themselves.

The whole process saw the teams collaborating for around six months, and the site went live in July. So far, the team at MyMiltonKeynes have been incredibly impressed by the functionality and ease of use they’re now enjoying.

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We Crafted

  • Website review and strategy
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Allowed the MyMK team to take control of their website
  • Connectivity between website and app


Our ethos is always to make websites that are editable, so that our clients can continue to easily make necessary changes to take their companies forward after we’ve handed them over. The team at MyMiltonKeynes have taken the website on and understood how to make their own changes really quickly. They have a real ability to grow the website in the future to be however big they want it to be.


“We are extremely happy with what Interdirect has done for the MyMiltonKeynes website. For a long time, we have enjoyed a fantastic collaborative relationship, and this is a testament to how well they understand us as an organisation. We hope that this website will allow people visiting the city, as well as city residents, to find out more about us, what we’re doing to manage Milton Keynes, and why we love doing it.”

Matthew John, BID Development Director for MyMiltonKeynes.