Greensand Country

Greensands Country Maulden Wood


Greensand Country is an area of distinctive, natural beauty and much-loved countryside. A multitude of stakeholders reside within the Greensand ridge and have a mutual interest in promoting the area as a destination. As a not-for-profit organisation the new website was commissioned thanks to National Lottery grant funding.

As well as providing information about parks and nature reserves, the Greensand Country website needed to support event information, promote local places to eat and drink, accommodation and walking, cycling and horse-riding routes which are all presented on an interactive map. As well as appealing to end users the site needed to attract volunteers and to minimise ongoing content management requirements, therefore a Charter Member Area was built allowing users to upload and manage their own listings and information.

Greensands Country Website

We Crafted

  • Extended stakeholder engagement
  • Designed in tandem with Place Making Toolkit partner
  • Responsive website development
  • Interactive mapping
  • Member login area for volunteers & content curators


“The interactive mapping tool is key to the Greensand Country website and in helping people to find local routes, areas of interest and attractions.”

"Interdirect has helped us to create a website that not only provides the information that local people need today, but has the flexibility to add and change mapping features as the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership and its many projects develop into the future”

Gill Welham, Chief Executive of The Greensand Trust