Interdirect rises to the challenge to deliver two new shopping centre websites

Digital trendsetters, Interdirect, have successfully delivered two new stylish websites for Braehead and Derbion shopping centres, despite the branding for both retail sites being unknown during development.

The team tapped into Interdirect’s 27 years of digital experience to design and build websites for Braehead and Derbion shopping centres, which are both visually striking and easy to navigate. The result – two websites with their own unique identity that show off each centre as an engaging and exciting destination.

The impressive nature of these builds hinged on the team’s ability to work in an agile way, with both shopping centres navigating a change in ownership and brand redesigns during the development of their digital platforms.

Taking a logical approach, the team built two, functionally capable sites – but in black and white. Then, when the centres were rebranded, Interdirect’s digital experts were able to skin the sites to add in stunning visuals to suit their new looks. Interdirect continues to work on each site, to give visitors an experience like no other, with regular updates and fixes.

“It’s this level of detail and forward-thinking that makes Interdirect one of the digital leaders in shopping centre and retail websites. I’m proud of the team for always putting the customer first in all decision-making and for being reactive to the changing economic situation.

“Our team has vast experience working with shopping centres and tapping into our knowledge of new and emerging technologies to provide the most reliable and accessible digital experience.”

Managing director at Interdirect, Nicholas Mann

“Building our website, Interdirect showed not only the utmost professionalism and patience, but also fantastic forward thinking. They have given our stunning shopping centre an amazing digital platform that will entice people to visit and get an experience like no other.

“We’re proud of the work that’s been done, and we hope our customers appreciate the hard work that’s gone into it too.”

Mark Musgrove, Digital Marketing Manager at Derbion Shopping Centre