Website security is top priority for Interdirect

As a leading communications and digital solutions agency, we have carried out several security upgrades for our clients to ensure that their websites are as safe as possible, due to the increased risk of potential threats.

In response to most ‘attack bots’ attempting malicious logins to a website’s Content Management System (CMS), coming from overseas – including the US, China, and Russia – our Dev Team has upgraded CMS security to enable our clients to filter which countries can login. Limiting the IP addresses to specific countries is a simple, yet effective, countermeasure to attempted attacks,

Additionally, the team has added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to the CMS login, which provides an added layer of verification to further ensure the authenticity of a user’s login.

“Bot attacks and login attempts can happen at any point during a website’s life, though it might not be happening to them now, it can very easily happen in the future. To help secure the CMS from these attacks, we’re adding extra layer of security and verification, making it harder for these attacks to gain access to the CMS.


For some time now, all new websites that we develop have had these security measures, but, due to the increased risk of attack, retrospectively, we have decided to add them to our client’s ‘legacy’ websites.”

Project Manager, Bradley Spillman

Our clients have responded positively to the changes, agreeing that the security recommendations suggested were necessary to maintain the safety of their websites.

 “The security of our clients and their data is of the utmost importance to us, so I’m delighted that our initiative has been so well received by our clients. It’s what we live for! A huge well done to our hard-working team for not only making the changes but for getting across the importance of these updates to our clients.”

Nicholas Mann, Managing Director of Interdirect

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