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Fri 3 Nov 2017 - posted by Laura Wiles

I can do myself a half-decent manicure, possibly a body scrub if I try dislocating my shoulder to reach that bit in the middle of my back! Nevertheless, if I want these things done properly, I’ll go to a spa, full of trained experts and enjoy some much needed relaxation time while I’m there. It’s the same for marketing, sometimes you just need it done by a trained expert to get the desired result. I think I’ve just talked myself into trading my marketing expertise for spa treatments!   

In fact, spa services are not actually too dissimilar to marketing services; let’s start with something simple:

Cuticles – check!
Massage – check!
Base coat – check!
But then, you have a whole world of choice! Square, Oval, ‘Squoval’, Colours, Textures!

Of course, customers expect the basic services to be highest quality as standard but they also want a USP, the option to have something different, something to share on social media check out #nailclub. Your spa should be no different; tell customers that you have the basics nailed down and then paint the town red or any other colour about why your spa is so much better than anywhere else.


A facial treatment is said to be a rejuvenating experience in that it removes impurities and cleanses to reveal a brand new you. As the first thing people notice when they meet you, shouldn’t it look great to give the best first impression?

These days your brand and website are often the first visual impression your customers encounter when discovering your business, so is it looking the best it can be?

Removing blemishes and uneven tone of voice in your content is easy to do from the outside looking in. Our website and brand discovery session are 2 hours of looking at your business in the mirror and examining what your customers see, then we prescribe the right changes for a clear business complexion.  

Body Wrap

Advertising is unfortunately saturated in this sector, making it hard to stand out when trying to target that golden segment of mums and daughters, hen parties and the stressed workaholic needing some ‘me time’. It’s difficult to get enough hard hitting exposure for your budget when you’re competing with everyone else; if you spread your budget too thin, it can have no impact at all.

If researched correctly, advertising can be measurable and highly targeted; we’ll help you identify target groups of data and find the right publications to spend your advertising budget with so it doesn’t get lost in a sea-salt mud mask of spa day offers all competing on price.

Website takeovers, magazine wraps and full-page competition adverts are must for big impact and big conversion, but more innovative vehicles for communications may help your message cut through the saturation of marketing noise. Video is great way to differentiate, especially for digital advertising; a video walk through of the restaurant, pool area and changing rooms can be just the balance tip needed for someone to convert. Now that’s a (cherry blossom exfoliating) wrap!


A simple one, but increasing footfall is what everyone wants, unless you have the bubble pool to yourself and then a hen party arrives! Campaigns that create aspiration and desire are the ones that get the quality conversion; just because your competitor is doing one, you don’t always have to have an offer or promotion. Take pride in your offering and allow a mechanism for feedback and loyalty; people will vote with their feet when they see their friend’s fabulous pedicure on Instagram tagging your spa! More importantly, it’s an easy route to attracting the same type of feet; a ‘recommend a friend’ tactic is your best foot forward!


FACT TIME: Reflexes and Reactions are actually two separate body responses!
1.    Reflexes are an involuntary response.
2.    Reactions are a decisive act.

EXAMPLE TIME: You’ve being looking in your Google Analytics account for your last month’s stats and seen that your Day Spa page got 30% more traffic than it did last month, but conversion into bookings haven’t increased. Quick, get a promotion email out for your day spa and try to get some of those hits converting.

There is nothing wrong with above, in fact it is a good conscious effort in response to intelligence taken from analysis. However, Marketing Automation techniques allow you to react even quicker, in fact, we find that with the right tools, content and data working together automatically, marketing automation can become a natural reflex.

Paired Treatment

There’s nothing like going to the spa with a friend or partner to justify the time and expense of such self-indulgence. So if you’re giving customers the marketing treatment about your brand facelift, make sure to tell your staff too. Your personnel are human portals into your business that interact with your customers; so getting them on board or on the massage table means they’ll feel involved and advocate your marketing decisions.  

Full Body Scrub – There will always be someone who isn’t happy, you can’t please everyone. On the one occasion that things didn’t go quite to plan, you know social media will ensure the complaint doesn’t go away quietly. Yes, other customers will see it, yes, they will review it when choosing to try your spa for the first time; but it’s how you publicly respond that can instantly scrub away the negativity.

Tip, ensure you use a sugar not a salt scrub for public responses!

In any case, the effects can be dramatic for smoothing things over for all to see. Our social media work covers this type of customer engagement along with the usual social media planning, content, scheduling and reporting tasks you would naturally expect.

Hot Stones

When body temperature organic hands just aren’t enough, get the hot stones out! Get right to those sore spots and tight knots. We like to think of them as similar to PCC. Yes I appreciate this list is getting a little tenuous now but allow me to elaborate.

We all know SEO is a gradual process, and like a massage, extremely worthwhile doing regularly to ensure continued results; but sometimes a boost is needed.

If you’ve launched a new campaign, got a new promotion or a new product line, PPC is a great way to get an instant heat risen presence at the top while SEO is working away in the background. Like hot stones, if you stop PPC, your rankings will cool down, but use sparingly to avoid the heat of large costs.

Face Mapping

This really is the last one I promise, but probably the most important one.

From the days of Ancient Chinese medicine, they say your face is the reflection of how your body is feeling; blemishes, redness and dry patches are a result of discomfort in your organs.

We recognise similar traits when working with clients, sometimes the brief is patchy, the catch-up meeting was a bit dry, staff aren’t as friendly and dewy as they could be. This often tells us that while we’ve got a job to do in meeting your expectations, we also have a responsibility as your agency to tell you if we see something wrong.

Marketing and Sales alignment is a common disconnect we spot, or sometimes it’s a breakdown in the communication between decision makers and completer /finishers. Whatever the issue, we run workshops and discovery sessions that help you map out where these disconnects are and how to find the best route to meet your objectives. 

So take your own advice, robe up, slip your slippers on and let an expert get to know your needs. Interdirect can give you that bit of pampering you need, in the marketing department that is!


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