Datacentre or Cloud: is there a difference?

Tue 30 Aug 2016 - posted by Louisa Breakell

In a world where we expect internet speed to be exceptionally fast and without glitches, the technology that provides this has to be top notch and the level of support on par.

The terms ‘cloud’ and ‘data centre’ are regularly batted around, but it can be difficult to understand what they mean and if there are any differences.  Which should you chose for your website? How will this impact the business?

The main thing to note when comparing a cloud and a data centre is that there isn’t really any difference at all: the term cloud is used to define a cluster of servers maintained within one or multiple datacentres that all do the same task. There are, however, many different types of cloud infrastructure, but they all boil down to the same idea of multiple servers working together to provide a service.

Here at Interdirect we pride ourselves on our website hosting environment and have a designated area within a datacentre in Manchester where all of our equipment is stored. We have owned and maintained our own equipment within the datacentre for many years now and have extensive knowledge and capabilities in this area.

Our datacentre hosting environment is:   

Well maintained: we have our very own techie enthusiasts who meticulously maintain all the equipment themselves rather than relying on a third party to do so.

High performing: the datacentre servers are efficient in handling great loads so you can rely on us to ensure your website, touchscreen, app, intranet or bespoke system is going to be running smoothly and quickly.

Backed up: all the information stored on the servers is backed up and with disaster recovery provisions in place.

Highly secure: the datacentre itself is incredibly secure with a 24 hour security guards and a huge number of CCTV cameras. The data itself is equally secure and only those with company-approved credentials and equipment can access it. We continuously monitor and enforce user controls specified in the PCI Data Security Standard.

In summary if you are looking for a reliable, stable, secure and high performing hosting environment then Interdirect can offer you just that.

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