Because we all knew where you were going, didn’t we?!

Mon 5 Jun 2017 - posted by Laura Wiles

Indicating is something that the people of Milton Keynes are not particularly good at. As stated in the 101 facts about the new city, Milton Keynes has over 130 roundabouts; I alone cross 12 to get to work, so you’d think indicating would be really important? Sadly no, and yes, I go through brake pads quicker than Lewis Hamilton on Vale corner at Silverstone!

This got me thinking, if we’re not going to use indicators for driving, what else can we use them for?

My top 5 suggestions for indicator use (in marketing, of course):

1.    We love website behaviour tools like HotJar as we use them to gather qualitative data about how visitors are engaging with websites. The analytics reveal online behaviours and dig into the reasons behind it through feedback polls. These tools provide a valuable indication of how to optimise user journey and remove any barriers to conversion.

2.    Google Analytics engagement tools can provide an indication for what content is good for your blog. You can see what articles are being looked at and how long is spent reading. Long dwell times and social sharing is a good indicator for creating more of that type of content.

3.    Media adverting still has its place, but are you measuring how effective it is? Putting a simple URL to an incentivised landing page on the advert means you can use page views and engagement analytics to indicate how successful that campaign has been and if it paid for itself! You can even do separate landing pages for different publications if you want really detailed reporting.

4.    Surveys, although a little retro are still a great way to get customer feedback without waiting for any negativity to go on social channels for all to see. It’s a good indicator of how well your customer service, products and brand is doing overall. Publishing results can even give support to prospect customers at the consideration stage of the sales cycle. Positive feedback can also open the door for more content rich case studies.

5.    Finally, the one that grinds my gears the most! The Highway Code states that you must only indicate left off the roundabout once you have passed the exit before the one you want to take! Please indicate your indication nightmares below! I’m off to have a nice calming cup of tea now.

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