21 Reasons We Love Interdirect

Thu 29 Sep 2016 - posted by Louisa Breakell

Interdirect, Milton Keynes’ leading full service marketing agency turns 21 in October, marking a huge milestone in the business’ story. Founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Nicholas Mann, the Agency has grown from strength to strength and today boasts a long list of leading brands as clients as well as a strong reputation for forward-thinking work which gets results.

To celebrate the Agency’s 21 years of business, we gathered 21 reasons why the team at Interdirect love spending their week at Whitsundoles Farm:

  • The strong sense of team work.  We work well together as a team and support each other when in need. 
  • Every day is different and presents different challenges. 
  • We work on a farm! You can’t get much better than that.
  • We have the best clients, with a wide range of industries and specialisms meaning that every day is a school day 
  • Clients come first and we will always go the extra mile to ensure they get what they need.
  • Our MD and founder is still very hands on and has the same passion as day one. 
  • Summer BBQs are standard in summer – we are stoic Brits after all!
  • We are supportive of the local charities and often on fundraising missions.  
  • We are passionate about marketing and new technologies
  • We class ourselves as geeks! We love data and analysis 
  • Friday pub day! 
  • The great atmosphere in the office 
  • Our eclectic music tastes! 
  • Our eagerness to learn new marketing trends and techniques  
  • The endless flow of tea and coffee – there is always a brew on the go 
  • We constantly have our lovely clients in and out of the office. There is always someone new to say hello to. 
  • We are often out and about networking.  We love nothing more than meeting new people and finding out their business. 
  • We love any excuse to get into fancy dress
  • We know and love everything about Star Wars
  • Our creativity – always drumming up new creative campaign ideas 
  • Our love of cake.  We are rarely without homemade cake.   Shop bought ones don’t take the biscuit!