10 reasons to buy from a local marketing agency

Tue 27 Jun 2017 - posted by Laura Wiles

1.    A local agency already knows your competitors, customers and the environment you operate in. They also know the challenges of your local market, local councils and development plans for the city. They won’t need any ‘getting up to speed’ or research time, so your project can hit the ground running.

2.    By giving a local agency the opportunity to deliver your project, you’re boosting the local economy. As well as keeping money in the local area, your project could be a case study that wins them their next big piece of work.

3.    Their employees, their families and their other clients could all be your next customers. PR and promotion of the work they did with you is essentially free exposure for your business. So make sure you give them that testimonial when the project is over, if anything, a little SEO boost is always a good thing.

4.    With a local supplier, you’ll see them out and about. Their network is your network, use their contacts and experience to get yourself into business clubs and networking events. The relationship you build with a local agency means you’ll have more to talk about. Lunch and after work drinks are all opportunities for you to talk to people they know.

5.    Briefing, pitches, artwork proofing and general catch-up meetings can just be done face to face. It’s no bother for your account manager or even the designer or developers themselves to come out and see you. You’ll get better brainstorming, better ideas and build a better supplier relationship.

6.    Buying from an agency on your doorstep means you know they haven’t front- loaded their prices and day rates to incorporate travel expenses. Whether its sky high train tickets or 40p per mile fuel allowance, if you want face to face meetings with an out of town agency, you’ll be paying for the privilege of their travel expenses, plus their time spent travelling.

7.    With travel in mind, with less distance to reach you, a local agency will also be reducing their impact on the environment. Less travel means less pollution and congestion.
8.    A local agency will always be looking for ways to help their community and give back to charities in order to gain exposure and PR. They are prime candidates to join forces with if you need other companies to get involved in your community project.

9.    Even if you’re a national business with regional sites, stores and divisions, don’t underestimate a local agency’s knowledge of the area. Their expertise can influence how you implement your nationally strategy and have it effectively managed locally.

10.    Finally, buying local doesn’t always mean small town syndrome. Boost your local suppliers and they’ll add growth to your economy and make your playground a big one!

Laura Wiles
Senior Account Manager

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