Pete Joy

Frontend Developer

“Home-grown” talent Pete is an Interdirect success story! Having taught himself Photoshop whilst studying Multimedia & Sound Engineering at Leeds Metropolitan University, Pete started working at Interdirect nearly six years ago with very little experience.

Throughout his long tenure at ID however, Pete has demonstrated time and again the speed at which he is able to pick up and use new technologies – which is incredibly useful when your working world changes as quickly as frontend web development. It’s also earned him the nickname “SuperPete”! 

When not being super and making slick, cool looking websites, Pete spends his down time playing in bands and rocking out to thrash metal. He’s even been known to promote his own nights.


pizza and a good film


loud heavy music


nasty people


more than he thinks and should be more confident


politicians would tell the truth and everyone in the world would just be nice to each other for a change