Nicola Mason

Account Manager

Nicola has worked for marketing and design agencies for over nine years, having spent the last six of those here at Interdirect. In this time she’s worked with a number of blue chip clients, including Argos and Tesco, lots of SME’s and many charities. Suffice to say, Nic’s got bags and bags of experience dealing with organisations of all shapes, sizes and ambitions.

Having worked both as a Project Manager and Account Manager, on a variety of traditional print-based marketing campaigns through to digital and social media campaigns, Nic is able to offer our clients an in-depth understanding and knowledge across a full marketing spectrum. This experience, coupled with her gentle, efficient and professional demeanour enable her to not only advise our clients very effectively, but also to build solid, long-lasting and rewarding relationships.


Espresso Martinis


her son and Thai food


saving money


that she should save money if she wants a new car


that she could go on holiday every month of the year

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