Nicholas Mann

Managing Director

With a degree in electronic and electrical engineering, Nick often describes himself as a Geek in a Suit; basically, he’s a massive nerd, never happier than when he is left alone to “play” with a server, a clever piece of code or a Wi-Fi connected kettle (amongst other things).

Nick’s motivation and passion have been, and always will be, the adoption and application of pioneering technologies to enhance businesses and lives. Sadly however, the harsh economic realities of life have meant that more often than not, instead of geeking out with technology, Nick has to run Interdirect (something which he also actually enjoys very much). 

Often described (by others) as an entrepreneur, Nick is a self-confessed workaholic (read: obsessive), founding Interdirect in 1995 just three years after beginning his career at world-renowned post-graduate institute, Cranfield University. He quickly became one of the country’s first Java developers and from this point on, his passion for innovation in the application of technology has continued.