Katie Burrows

Lead Client Services

Having risen up through the ranks from Account Executive to Account Director, Katie has a wealth of experience drawn both from traditional and digital marketing firms. With more than 12 years’ through-the-line marketing experience, seven of which she’s spent at Interdirect, Katie has helped clients of all shapes and sizes realise their growth ambitions, all underpinned by excellent customer service and second-to-none account management.

Katie heads up our Account Management team at Interdirect. This means she is responsible for ensuring the super-smooth, day-to-day running of our client services, as well as helping to shape the marketing strategy for many of our clients. Given her breadth of specialist knowledge, Katie is particularly successful devising cross-channel campaigns requiring both offline and online elements. 

But, beyond titles and accolades, Katie’s primary motivation is simply to “do a good job for her clients”, and by good job, she means a superb job.


cooking and baking


cats, cheese, wine and lying in the sun


being cold…and peas


she should go home on time more often


her dodgy ITP blood would get better so she wakes up full of energy!