David Nash

Senior Backend Developer

With a BSc in Computer Science from Leicester’s De Montfort University, David has over 18 years’ experience in programming, support and web development roles, the last eight of which have been with Interdirect, programming intricate backend systems such as e-commerce and booking systems. David is constantly curious, regularly finding and researching new techniques and technologies that we can adopt into solutions for our clients. 

Throughout his working career David has worked with many of the world’s biggest brands, including:, The Bank of America, ATS Euromaster, IBOS, The World Bank, the Royal Academy, Champneys, Nokia, and James Villa Holidays. David’s calm and easy-going nature make him very easy to work with, without compromising his attention to a deadline, and his work is peerlessly accurate and elegant. 


likes tea


tea more than he thinks




where the tea is


he had more tea

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