Carole Bailey

Operations Director

Second-in-command at Interdirect, and never happier than when she’s creating a form, codifying a process, pawing over the clauses of a contract or balancing every penny in our accounts, Carole is ID’s secret weapon and arch-organiser! 

She started her career in retail, working in the head offices of both Clarks and Argos, and then decided to move into to the fitness industry. Here she spent almost 20 years working for two of the largest manufacturers in the world, acquiring and honing her senior-level experience of human resources, finance and operations.  

Joining Interdirect 3 years ago, Carole brought this “big company” business experience with her, and now she uses it to ensure that Interdirect employs best practice across all of its client interactions and business processes. 

This is vitally important to Interdirect because we understand that only if we are disciplined and organised in everything that we do, can we be business-like and professional in everything that we do for our clients.


travelling the world and going on holiday


live music and going to gigs


cherry flavoured foodstuffs of any type – only the real thing please


she should exercise more


she could win the lottery and do more of the above

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