Milton Keynes College

Milton Keynes College challenged us to make them stand out. With limited experience of online advertising, they needed honest advice and expert guidance.

Milton Keynes College offers full time and part time courses from GCSEs to HNDs, as well as professional skills courses and apprenticeships. Just like 100s of other colleges competing for students…

The Challenge

Milton Keynes College challenged us to make them stand out.  They needed honest advice and expert guidance.  We had to raise awareness of their courses and run tactical campaigns for Advisory Days and Open Days to grab the attention of potential students.  On top of that, other areas of the college such as the Business and Leadership Centre and specific courses needed to be promoted online with the aim to drive traffic to the website. 

The Work 

We created a targeted PPC that grabbed the attention of students by utilising a range of text, display, remarketing and social media ads, sending visitors to specific landing pages within the MK College website.  Local search and geo-targeting also played a significant role in the strategy. 

Just like the College, we were happy to be judged on our results. So we set up goals and tracking to identify the success and value of the PPC campaigns. Along with constant analysis for each campaign we could amend and tweak the campaign to make it as effective as possible. 

The Difference

Paid search is now MK College’s 4th biggest source of traffic (ahead of social media and email campaigns). Overall PPC sent 9,321 additional clicks to the website and to specific tactical landing pages.The ads on both the search and display network have been shown over 1,400,000 times. The search campaign has a fantastic CTR of 5.19%. (For this sector, 2-3% CTR is the norm.)