Desmond J Smail

No-one understands Aston Martin like Desmond J Smail Limited.

No-one understands Aston Martin like Desmond J Smail Limited. Specialising in the sales, restoration and servicing of Aston Martins past and present, they’re one of the world’s leading specialists for this legendary marque. 

The challenge

The economic climate has affected the luxury car market, including sales, restoration and servicing. DJ Smail challenged us to help them hit back, with an affordable marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, website traffic and enquiries.

The Work

We created a high impact, joined-up online marketing strategy that exploited SEO, PPC, PR and Social Media.

The difference

From a virtually standing start, DJ Smail built a highly-engaged social media following including a 307% increase in Twitter followers and a 165% boost to Facebook Likes. Twitter engagement rose by 755%.  Most importantly, 79% of the combined audience are interested in car culture and racing – so content reached highly relevant users. 

A huge boost to website traffic was also generated. Sessions are up 51.72% and there’s been a 66.25% increase in users compared to April 2015. In addition, we’ve increased new visitors by 22%   showing the potential for SEO to reach more of existing audiences - and target new ones. Pay-per-click engagement is paying dividends: with 7,495 clicks in 10 months and 684,930 impressions in the same time frame.