Cranfield University PPC

Cranfield University’s world-renowned School of Management challenged us to increase the number of signups for programme brochures. We were happy to oblige!

Established in 1967, Cranfield School of Managementis one of the oldest and most reputable business schools in the UK. The school is part of Cranfield University, the UK’s only wholly postgraduate university, and it is constantly ranked amongst the top five UK business schools by the Financial Times.

The challenge

As part of the syllabus launch each new academic year, Interdirect uses well targeted Pay Per Click campaigns to generate awareness of specific programmes run by Cranfield School of Management. The aim is to help to increase the number of course enquires and hence bookings.

The work

In order to maximise ROI, we created a hardhitting PPC strategy based upon intensive keyword research, ad copywriting and strong calls-to-action. We ensured that the account delivered the best possible results by:

  • Tracking myriad conversions on multiple landing pages, so that we could measure just how well we were doing

  • Changing and testing differing conversion tracking types in order for us to monitor the success of various landing pages

  • Monitoring keyword bid management to ensure that the ads were always displayed above the fold of the page on page 1 of Google’s search results

  • Consistently checking our keyword research to ensure Cranfield SOM kept up with latest trends in higher education

  • Optimising conversions by monitoring and refining ads to ensure a high click through rate was achieved. New ads were tested and enhanced in order to maintain the good CTR

All other aspects of best practice in managing a typical PPC campaign were also carried out including: refining keyword match assignment, utilisation of ad extensions, location targeting, ad scheduling, defining appropriate websites for ads to be shown on the Display Network and device management.

The difference

With only a relatively small investment, spanning a two-year period, Cranfield School of Management saw the following results:


  • Ads were served nearly 4.5 million times in the search results for the Executive and Team coaching programmes appearing in positions 1 or 2

  • 43 conversions/signups were made for the Logistics and Supply chain programmes spanning over a two-month period


  • 36 conversions/signups were completed for the Logistics and Supply chain programme over a two-month duration

  • PPC sent nearly 6,500 additional clicks to specific programme landing pages PR

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