ICAEW Intranet

We were challenged to redevelop and reinvigorate ICAEW’s employee intranet so as to deliver a powerful information hub for the entire global workforce.

Formed by royal charter in 1880, the ICAEW has over 147,000 members, and with over 80% of FTSE 100 businesses having at least one member on its board, it is unequivocally recognised as the gold standard for financially responsible business management. 

The Challenge

The effective facilitation of constructive internal communications between employees is vital for any organisation to thrive. Therefore, Interdirect was asked to reinvigorate ICAEW’s intranet by providing a system that would encourage and motivate its users to engage regularly with it and each other.

Only 29% of its employees scored the ICAEW’s previous intranet as an effective communication tool, we were delighted to be challenged to redesign, redevelop and reinvigorate it, in order to deliver a powerful go-to information hub for the ICAEW’s entire global workforce of 600 people.

The Work

In addition to showing mandatory corporate messaging, Interdirect used its pod management technology to enable ICAEW’S employees to customise their own intranet pages, by selectively choosing which ‘pods’ of information they wanted to display.

Enabling users to choose the information that they want to view, makes it much more likely users will revisit the intranet regularly.

Interdirect also incorporated: an organisation directory of internal contacts, “social networking” like functionality, links featuring local restaurant recommendations and user ratings by fellow ICAEW intranet users and other useful information such as: local weather, tube statuses and a wiki knowledge bank.

By completely overhauling the design, content and usability of the site, Interdirect was able to maintain the quality of information whilst vastly improving user interaction.

The Difference

Since the intranet’s relaunch the ICAEW has reported:

  • The average number of page views per user, per month is 62, significantly up on the previous intranet

  • 87% positive feedback from staff – an increase of almost 60% on the previous intranet

Since its launch, the ICAEW has continued to invest in its intranet which has now been a vital part of the organisation’s internal communications for 11 years.

“This project has been very successful and will really benefit internal communications at ICAEW for a long time to come.

We chose to work with Interdirect on this project as their innovative ideas and proven excellence at project management were exactly what we needed to develop a ground-breaking system, delivered on time and within budget.”

Neil Reddock, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, ICAEW

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