Milton Keynes College Website

Milton Keynes College challenged Interdirect to redesign and redevelop its entire website, placing a focus on significantly improving the online course finder.

Milton Keynes College is the largest provider of further education and training in Milton Keynes, offering a varied mix of vocational courses to a diverse set of students at three separate campuses.

The Challenge

When Milton Keynes College teamed up with Interdirect it was for us to support and enhance a legacy website from a previous supplier. However, the website’s limited functionality and out-dated design did not reflect the college’s progressive ambitions; therefore, after a year or so, the college challenged Interdirect to completely redesign and redevelop it.

The most important priority was to improve the power and functionality of the course finder so that it included course data from a variety of disparate sources; yet in spite of this increased power, user-friendliness also needed to be improved in order to make the data more accessible.

It was also vital that the redeveloped website integrated the college’s internal course and application management system to ensure web content was synchronised regularly.

The Work

We worked extremely closely with Milton Keynes College to identify and map out the likely user journeys of each potential and diverse user group. This vital information enabled Interdirect to form the basis of the website’s structure and wireframes.

Due to the predominantly younger demographic of likely website visitors, it was essential that the website performed exceptionally well on mobile phones, hence this was a factor that we also considered when designing, developing and testing the website.

At the same time, the development team worked hard on the backend course data systems integration and our design team busied themselves crafting the user interface and experience, in order to ensure the course finder delivered upon the college’s ambitions for functionality and usability.

The Difference

The newly launched website has received extremely positive feedback from college employees and students alike.

Its fresh, clear interface and intuitive user journeys make it very easy for users to find the content that they are looking for, and the enhanced functionality of the course finder makes it much easier to book any course from the complete range the college has to offer.

Other website features include:

  • Comprehensive online application form guiding students through the entire process

  • Student portal for students to save courses of interest and applications

  • Personalised prospectus builder

“I have been nothing but impressed with the planning, preparation, development, testing and team work that has made this project possible! Some great work guys and a pleasure to work alongside our new partners, Interdirect.”

Mark Tull - Business Systems Analyst, Milton Keynes College

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