Gatwick Airport Touch Screen

As part of an extensive modernisation project Gatwick Airport challenged Interdirect to create a touch screen and way finding solution that would enable arriving passengers to self-serve their onward journey queries. The system had to be multilingual, powerful, yet very easy-to-use.

Having recently changed ownership, Gatwick Airport has undergone an extensively modernisation project. It is the UK’s second- and Europe’s ninth-busiest airport. In 2016 alone, it handled 43.1 million passengers.

The Challenge

Due to our leading experience in designing and developing way finding, touch screen solutions, Interdirect was chosen to create a bespoke system that would give access to much better information about Gatwick Airport and its onward travel options, to the millions of passengers arriving each year. Too numerous to exhaustively predict, the challenge was to create a system that was sufficiently powerful and flexible to enable passengers to answer their host of questions, whilst ensuring the system remained extremely easy-to use.

The Work

Interdirect utilised its extensive experience of designing world-class touch screen systems to build a powerful yet intuitive solution that would be sympathetic to current and future static way finding elements.

We seamlessly embedded an advanced website browser into the innovative touch screen software, so as to enable passengers’access to a wide array of information relating to their onward journey.

The integration of the web browser not only eliminated second guessing every question that might be asked, it also provided real-time information from highlighting the terminals’facilities through to timetables of connecting travel services. This enabled passengers to self-serve their myriad questions.

Eliminating website abuse, Interdirect locked down the browser so that it could only view predetermined URLs, including: easyJet, BA, AA route finder, National Rail, Gatwick Express and Visit Britain.

The Difference

In just one year, the 5 kiosks installed in the North Terminal Arrivals Hall handled 150,000 searches, an average of approximately 411 per day.

As a direct result, the cost of time spent by airport staff on the floor answering passengers’ questions was considerably reduced.Due to the ability to self-answer theirquestions customer satisfaction also significantly improved.

“Touch screen technology is the ideal solution for the airport sector, and Interdirect was able to provide the right digital way-finding solution for Gatwick Airport.”

Richard Reid, Director, RCS Professional AV

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