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New European Heights

Mont Blanc

Interdirect scaled new heights in more ways than one this month as the company succeeded in winning both the touch-screen account for a large shopping mall in Budapest, and Managing Director Nicholas Mann succeeded in reaching the summit of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc.

The shopping centre, due to open this October, is yet another addition to Interdirect’s retail portfolio and further establishes the company as one of the leading software development agencies in the retail sector. 

Interdirect already has a wealth of experience in providing solutions for shopping centre’s which include touch-screens, websites and intranets, and already counts some of the country’s leading brands among its clients.

Nick’s Mont Blanc ascent was also a success. His journey took him up the infamous Gouter Route where, struggling against 100 mile hour winds, freezing temperatures and darkness to avoid snow melt and rock slides, Nick reached the summit. The descent was equally as tough but all arrived safely, if a little bruised and battered, to the base of the mountain.

This achievement was of course a personal goal but one none the less indicative of the ambitions of Interdirect as a company.

These events though are by no means the summit of Interdirect’s success. Rather they are the beginning, as both Interdirect and its Managing Director seek to conquer more mountains and increase Interdirect’s dominance in the retail sector in Britain and across Europe.

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